Eldre nyhetsbrev fra Moms In Prayer International

Moms In Prayer International sender ut nyhetsbrev hver måned. Vi håper at det kan bli inspirerende lesing for dere. Vi står i kontakt med andre mødre i verden, sammen skal vi be Guds velsignelse over barna. Ønsker du å se linker og video klipp som i nyhetsbrevet ikke virker, må du gå til nettsiden til Moms In Prayer International, der kan du finne nyhetsbrevet i sin helhet.
Salme 107,1 “Pris Herren, for han er god, hans miskunn varer til evig tid!”
Mars 2013
I dette nyhetsbrevet er det en youtube film, trykker du på linken under her får du se denne. Dessverre virker ikke hyperkoblingene du ser i dette nyhetsbrevet. Nyhetsbrevet finner du i sin helhet med aktive hyperkoblinger på Moms In Prayer sin dettside.
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November 2012


   Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken…

Hebrews 12:28a (ESV)

   Women are excited to share their stories through our Facebook page which has been abuzz with testimonies as they tell each other what God is doing in their lives around the world! “We have a Moms in Prayer group starting up in Abu Dhabi….and we had a great meeting today!”

   Another woman shared, “We had a great Moms in Prayer day in The Netherlands last Saturday, very precious to praise, confess, thank and intercede with other moms from around the country, Belgium and Australia!!”

   One group of moms in the U.S. sent donations out of an overflow of thanksgiving in their hearts saying, “Egypt is one of our 3 countries to pray for and we heard that you are working on translations of the Booklet for that country.”

   Another donation came in with this note, “My husband suggested we give this gift to Moms in Prayer because he is seeing the fruit of this ministry in our children and other children I pray for.”

   Won’t you join these grateful families as God leads you? Through your support, we will see thousands more women, children, schools, families and communities transformed by God through the power of prayer.

         We are extremely delighted to announce our brand new Moms in Prayer USA National Director, Sharon Gamble! She is married with two daughters and two grandsons. Sharon lives in Dover, New Hampshire and has graciously been serving as the New England Regional Director for three years.   Sharon asks you to pray for her to rely on the Lord’s strength and wisdom instead of her own. “God declares, through Jeremiah, that He wants us to know Him. This is why the ministry of Moms in Prayer touches my heart in the deepest place. When I sit alongside my group members and cry out to the Lord, we are in His very Presence! Through years of praising Him, I have come closer to knowing the One who ‘exercises kindness, justice and righteousness.’”To read Sharon’s introduction letter to Moms in Prayer women, click here.    Though the purpose of Moms in Prayer International is to pray, Words and Deeds is an excellent way to encourage school staff around Thanksgiving.    One California high school teacher was delighted to walk into the break room filled with treats, “I love working on a campus with such kind kids, and when I saw the treats it reminded me that the kids do not come to us without strong examples of kindness in the home. Thank you for the treats, but even more for sending such wonderful young men and women into our classrooms.”     Here is an idea we hope will spark your own creativity:Make a “First Aid Kit” for the teacher you are praying for. A cotton ball –to cushion hard times A candle–to brighten your way
A smile –to remain hopeful A rubber band –to be flexible A Sweetart –to sweeten tart words A bandage strip –to cover your wounds
A candy kiss –because you are lovedFor more encouraging Words and Deeds ideas, order the Moms in Prayer Leader’s Guide.
Need to get away from it all?We have the perfect getaway. Jesus said, I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. As one woman put it, “The Come to Me retreat was the BEST retreat I have ever attended.” So come and learn how to give your anxieties, fears, and heartaches to the One who loves you.What an excellent gift for Christmas!! Register now for a Come to Me retreat!See how the Four Steps of Prayer empowered women to pray out loud in Belize!  Hear encouraging stories about how God answers prayer around the globe. “Like” Moms in Prayer International on Facebook and find us on TwitterOur new Fall Thanksgiving invitations are now online. We have PC and Mac versions where your information can be personalized!
September 2012

Bless Our Schools Sunday is THIS MONTH!

Share this video with your church,  group and friends.

On Bless Our Schools Sunday, two high school sophomores and one freshman stood in front of more than a hundred peers during Sunday School to pray specifically for their schools, the staff and the students. They were part of approximately 700 congregations around the world crying out to the Lord in one voice for students and schools on the third Sunday of September.     This year’s prayer event will be September 16, and we are excited to see how God will transform hearts during this concentrated time of prayer for this school year. Strategically planned to occur after school starts each year, Bless Our Schools Sunday offers churches the opportunity to encourage school staff by blessing them through prayer and to provide moms the chance to hear how they can pray for their children and schools on a regular basis.    Imagine the impact this time of prayer will have on that worn-out teacher, the weary principal, the school board member that’s standing up for biblical values, as well as every school in your community.    Don’t let your church miss this powerful time of prayer in your church service the weekend of September 16! (Yes, Saturday services are welcome to join us, too.)    Check out our Bless Our Schools page for lots of resources. Our newest item is a page of scripture prayers that can be distributed to your congregation. Placing aflyer for a local Moms in Prayer informational on the back of the half sheet could be a great way to advertise your group.    Bless Our Schools prayer prompts are printed on flyers (also in Spanish!),bookmarks and a PowerPoint slide to show at church. We also have posters, aletter to share with your pastortestimonies from previous Bless Our Schools events, a script for a radio announcement and a press release.     Bless Our Schools provides a great opportunity to share about your Moms in Prayer group. Click here for ideas.

August 2012

Preparing for the Spiritual Battle Ahead

Share this video on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and through email, to encourage others to join you in this important work of prayer.

Share this video on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and through email, to encourage others to join you in this important work of prayer.

Are you armed for battle?    As the new school year starts, it’s time to gather an army of prayer warriors around us and stand in the gap for our children and schools. Your prayers DO make a difference! “I have had Christian teachers tell me they can feel the prayers,” a mom wrote to us. Children tell us that, too!    Think back on all the answers to prayers for your children/grandchildren and their schools. Now imagine the year ahead. What will God do in your children’s lives and at their school through the power of your prayers?    We need to pray they have strength to resist temptation, wisdom to make good choices, perseverance to keep going in the face of struggles, protection from those who wish to do our children harm, and a passion to share Jesus Christ on campus.    “Our ministry offers a strategic battle plan for how to defeat the enemy who wants to rob and steal and kill our children,” says Fern Nichols, founder and president of Moms in Prayer International.    Are you ready for the spiritual battle? Are your friends?

Important tools to be prepared: The Ministry BookletLeader’s Guide & Personal Prayer TimeMiles McPherson Video on Praying TogetherFern Nichols Video on the Armor of GodEncouraging others to join this spiritual army of praying moms: Get the Word OutFlyersPrayer Impact video BrochuresBanner/Trifold PowerPoint Moms in Prayer ButtonAdditional Key Leader Resources: Leaders CornerBuilding Strong GroupsFour Steps of Prayer videoPrayer SheetsGiving Your Group an Opportunity to Give Sharing God Moving WorldwideMinistry Prayer Requests UPDATE YOUR GROUP INFORMATIONRegister Your MembersPraying for More than One School
      Oh women, you do not want to miss this unique retreat! Those who attended last year’s Come to Me retreats returned home impassioned to pray. And you will, too!    Invite all your female friends and relatives! This is not just for moms. One daughter, who does not have children and is not married, wrote on her registration form, “I’m looking forward to the conference. It’s going to be something special for my mom and me to attend together. She’s been my main prayer support from day one!”    REGISTER NOW, before late fees apply!

Come to Me Alaska, September 6-8 Come to Me Upper Midwest, September 28-30
Come to Me Russian Conference in Sacramento, CA, November 9-10

   A spiritual battle is waging on our campuses. Will you join with us financially to prepare for the fall? Read Fern’s letter.    Curious why a prayer ministry needs donations? Share this letter with your group.    A Moms in Prayer Area Coordinator shares how God raised up three new leaders last year. Read it on our blog!    What has God done in answer to your group’s intercession? We’d love to hear! Email Testimonies@MomsInPrayer.org.    Do you have a college student? Meet Julie Loos, our new College Group Facilitator.    All the USA State Pages have been updated. Check them out!    Want to know how to pray for Moms in Prayer to grow around the world? Each country is listed in our newly updatedInternational Prayer Requests.    Read how God used Bless Our Schools Sunday in Ghana. LEADERS, update your group information so we can have our Group Locator as up to date as possible!    On Bless Our Schools Sunday, September 16, a chorus of churches will raise their voices in one accord to our Heavenly Father on behalf of our children and schools. Oh, what God will do with the prayers of the saints asking for spiritual boldness and revival to take place on our campuses! As we pray blessing on students, schools and staff, we pray God’s favor to be poured out on that school, for His glorious intervention, for salvation and deliverance. Imagine the impact on this generation when God answers!
Check out our Bless Our Schools page for TONS of resources, including prayer prompts printed on flyers (also in Spanish!) and bookmarks as well as a PowerPoint slide to show at church. We also have posters, a letter to share with your pastor, testimonies from previous Bless Our Schools events and suggestions on how to share about your Moms in Prayer group on Bless Our Schools Sunday.


Fern and Marlae Minister to African Women in Tanzania

   Women came with burdens most of us will never know. Some traveled 17 hours on a bus to attend. One woman shared her story of abuse and betrayal, and how her Muslim family rejected her when she became a Christian.    In July, Moms in Prayer Founder and President Fern Nichols and Executive V.P. Marlae Gritter traveled halfway around the world to minister to the gracious and loving women in Tanzania. Diana Mushi, the Tanzania Country Coordinator, and her team planned this special Moms in Prayer event to celebrate 20 years of this ministry in Tanzania!    God brought women safely to the event from all over Tanzania, filling the conference room with about 500 women! Plus, nine women attended from Uganda and three from Kenya.    Fern and Marlae shared the Four Steps of Prayer and the women caught the vision! Fern says, “The one accord agreement prayer teaching was revolutionary. When they pray corporately, they all pray at the same time. So the emphasis was on one accord, agreement prayer. We must listen to each other so that we can agree. The power is in the agreement.”    What a sweet visual to see the women taking the beautiful wraps from around their shoulders and using them as “mats” (as in Mark 2) to carry their children to Christ.    After Fern taught how to have a strong group, she asked if God was touching anyone’s heart to go back to her village, town or city to start a group. About three-fourths stood up!    Watch out Tanzania! The prayer warriors are gathering to defeat the enemy and claim victory for the children and schools in the name of Jesus!


Leader Package We love our leaders! We have a package designed just for you with a Leader’s Guide & Personal Prayer Time, a ministry Booklet, 40 brochures, a lawn sign, our vehicle magnet and our Moms in Prayer button to wear! (Some resources may have the name Moms In Touch, but all items are relevant and helpful.) Save 12 percent from the original price! Only $42.99 Bless Our Schools Package
Purchase our Bless Our Schools Package and our Button is added for FREE! Prepare to share Moms in Prayer International on the weekend of September 16 with this special package, which includes our Lawn Sign (to place in a silk plant on your Moms in Prayer information table), 40 Bless Our Schools bookmarks with prayer prompts, 40 brochures, a ministry Booklet, and, of course the bonus BUTTON! All for just $26.99.
Booklet Package Every Leader and every Member should have her own ministry Booklet, which explains the Four Steps of Prayer, praying in one accord, and includes powerful scripture prayers. Our specially reduced package makes this affordable for all! Purchase 5 Booklets for only $20 – that’s $15 off the original price! Leader’s Guide and Personal Prayer Time This powerful tool includes pages of scripture prayers and attributes of God, as well as clear instructions on starting and leading a group, hosting an informational, finding women to join, ways to encourage school staff through Words and Deeds and much more! (Even though the ministry name has changed, the information has not!) On sale for $18.99.
The Ministry Booklet A must-have for each Leader AND Member. The ministry Booklet “is life changing for these women. It’s empowering the women,” says a pastor in Pakistan. On sale for $5. Moms in Prayer Brochures Have these brochures handy to share with women about Moms in Prayer International. Make sure your women’s ministry at your church has plenty of brochures, too! $5
Lawn Sign Show your group where you meet with this double-sided Lawn Sign. Also looks nice sitting on an informational table in a silk plant. 18”x12” and includes the stand. $10 Vehicle Magnet Share about Moms in Prayer International while you drive around with this vehicle magnet featuring the new logo. A great way to let others know you are a praying mom! $5
Juni 2012


Look What God Is Doing! God is stirring hearts to pray in Moms in Prayer groups in more than 140 countries around the world! Click here if you feel God calling you to support this life-changing, nonprofit ministry.

Is Your Church Joining the Worldwide Prayer Movement on September 16?   Are YOU excited? September 16 is fast approaching, and we are looking forward with great anticipation to God answering the prayers of churches around the globe as we pour out our hearts before the Lord on behalf of our children and schools.    IMAGINE–a chorus of prayers ringing through the heavens in thousands of churches and hundreds of languages on Bless Our Schools Sunday! Oh, what God will do with the prayers of the saints asking for spiritual boldness and revival to take place on our campuses!    As we pray blessing on students, schools and staff, we pray God’s favor to be poured out on that school, for His glorious intervention, for salvation and deliverance. Imagine the impact on this generation when God answers!    Don’t let your church miss this powerful time of prayer in your church service the weekend of September 16! (Yes, Saturday services are welcome to join us, too.)    Check out our Bless Our Schools page for TONS of resources, including prayer prompts printed on flyers (also in Spanish!), bookmarks and a PowerPoint slide to show at church. We also have posters, a letter to share with your pastor, testimonies from previous Bless Our Schools events and suggestions on how to share about your Moms in Prayer group on Bless Our Schools Sunday.    Don’t miss out! Church calendars fill up quickly. Graciously ask your pastor if your church can participate in this worldwide prayer event.

Need a retreat of quiet rest and sweet time with the Lord and with others? Register now for one of our three upcoming Come to Me retreats planned for this fall! Read our blog about what God has done this year through a group in Chino Hills, CA. ►Do you have a testimony of how God is answering the prayers of your Moms in Prayer group? We’d love to hear! Email Testimonies@ MomsInPrayer.org. ►If you led a group this year, but are moving to another school, please pass the baton of leadership onto another mom—and don’t forget to update your group registration! ►Women in Latvia chose a Moms in Prayer workshop instead of being pampered! Read more. ►The story of each Booklet translation shows God’s glory. Check out how He brought the Afrikaans translation to fruition. ►Worried about your kids this summer? This video testimony (filmed while we were still Moms In Touch) reminds us of God’s protection of our children, even if they are miles from us.    Want an easy way to support our ministry? Just go shopping!    Our Shop site is powered by Christian Book Distributors (CBD), which not only sells our Moms in Prayer resources, but also offers thousands of Christian CDs, books, apparel, gifts, homeschool supplies, church materials, Bibles … and more!    By going through our website to visit CBD, each purchase helps support the ministry of Moms in Prayer International. Check for our logo in the top left corner of the shop site before you order.    Right now, our inspiring book When Moms Pray Together: True Stories of God’s Power to Transform Your Child is on sale through our Shop site for $4.99! Makes a great summer read and encouraging gift!    Click here to go SHOPPING!    We are delighted to announce that Gayle Hadden, our Kansas State Coordinator, is stepping into the Regional Director position for the Heartland area, effective July 9. As we have prayed for leadership in this region, we are excited that God has answered our request through Gayle!    And, as we encourage leaders and Area Coordinators to pass on the baton of leadership when God calls them to a new position, Gayle has passed the baton of leadership for Kansas to our new State Coordinator Linda Mealiff, effective July 1.    Want to meet Gayle? Register now for Come to Me Upper Midwest Retreat, September 28-30!
Mai 2012


I remember my mother’s prayers; they have clung to me all my life. Abraham Lincoln (From A Mother’s Love by Ron DiCianni)

Tune into Focus on the Family THURSDAY!

Don’t miss this touching video of Theresa Ohler, a Moms in Prayer member and mother of four school-age children, as she shares why she’s passionate about this ministry.
Click here to view the video.    For more information on becoming a monthly financial partner like Theresa, click here.

   THIS THURSDAY, May 3, as a special National Day of Prayer program, Focus on the Family will feature Fern Nichols, President and Founder of Moms in Prayer International! She will share about the ministry name change from Moms In Touch International to Moms in Prayer International, which now has groups in 140+ countries. Fern will be joined by Colorado State Coordinator Jody Gloor as they encourage moms to persevere in prayer for their children and schools.

Don’t miss it!

   TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Consider having a LISTENING PARTY, inviting your friends over to hear the broadcast with you.



   I am the mom of a sweet, smart and handsome 19-year-old drug addict. I have been praying for him in Moms in Prayer for many years.    The past two years have been especially intense. My son has been in a mental health facility four times, hospitalized many times for overdose and has been through four drug treatment programs (two in-patient).
Through it all, God has answered so many prayers. I have been attending at least one Moms in Prayer meeting each week. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, my son has been prayed for in amazing ways by other moms. Only the Lord knows how to write the beautiful prayers that I have heard from my dear sisters’ lips. The result is truly that peace that passes all understanding that only comes from God.


   Register now for our 2012 Come to Me retreats!    Perfect for your whole church group, join with other women and experience God’s peace and rejuvenation as Fern Nichols shares how to leave your heartaches and concerns at the feet of Jesus.    The women who attended last year’s retreats returned home refreshed, rejuvenated and re-energized. And you will, too!

Come to Me Alaska September 6-8 Find out more! Register now!
Come to Me Upper Midwest September 28-30 Find out more! Register now!


Our new Spring Thanksgiving invitations are now online. We have PC and Mac versions as well as a blank PDF where the information can be handwritten. If you are collecting a year-end thanksgiving offering, click here for information on submitting the donation. ► Before Bless Our Schools Sunday, September 16, we encourage you to develop a relationship with your pastor and/or women’s ministry director. Support him/her through prayer, notes, treats, however God leads you. We want to be a sweet blessing to our churches, as they bless us. ► Did you receive a Moms in Prayer survey last week? If you haven’t taken it yet, please do so. Your feedback will help us as we work towards our goal of every school covered in prayer. ► Read an update from our Moms in Prayer Regional Director in Europe. ► Read how God used our Moldova Country Coordinator to help start Moms in Prayer in Estonia, a small country in Europe.


April 2012
We just received exciting news! Focus on the Family will feature Fern Nichols, Founder and President of Moms in Prayer International, on their radio broadcast Thursday, May 3—the National Day of Prayer. Watch for more information, and begin encouraging your friends to listen!                 A Message from Fern Nichols    Fern Nichols recorded this informal yet powerful message for our groups meeting in prisons and jails. What a great reminder of God’s love for all of us this special Easter week! Click here to view the video. For more information on helping support Moms in Prayer projects, like our prison ministry, click here.

Multicultural Support Team Helps Grow Groups around USA

   Lupe Soltero-Nava, our USA Spanish Team Leader, proclaims, “I am forever thankful to God for Moms in Prayer, because I am able to cry out to God for the big and small challenges that life brings.”       We are delighted that God continues to grow our USA Multicultural Team. As part of this leadership team, Lupe helps start and encourage Spanish-speaking groups in the USA. Also on the Multicultural Team are Margo Dawson, African-American Team Leader; Mitsue Harrison, the USA Japanese Team Leader; Olga Drovorub, the USA Russian Team Leader; Yisook Baik, the USA Korean Team Leader.    What a blessing that each one is passionately sharing the life-changing power of prayer with other moms within their cultural communities.    At the helm of the team is Robin Hill, the USA Multicultural Team Leader. Why is this her passion? “I can honestly say that through all of the various women’s ministries, church activities, retreats, and prayer groups I’ve been involved in, Moms in Prayer has changed me the most!”    For more information, check out our Multicultural Support Team page. For those living outside the USA, we have key leadership to help start and encourage groups in more than 130 countries. Email International@MomsInPrayer.org for help starting groups OUTSIDE the USA.
   With great joy we received a letter overflowing with powerful prayers to persevere—a letter we thought would encourage your hearts, as well.    Here’s a sample: “We pray that you hold onto the blessings of all the prayer that is sent upward to Jesus. We pray that you do not lose heart, but hold steadfast in any challenging times. …    “We pray for you to continue to experience great endurance and patience as God establishes the work of your hands in the hearts of others. We pray that He would pour out His blessings in unexpected ways. …    “Prayer should not be regarded ‘as a duty which must be performed, but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed, a rare delight that is always revealing some new beauty.’—E.M. Bounds.”
Read more on our blog.    Click here to donate.
Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day present for the special moms in your life? Why not give them the gift of attending a Come to Me retreat? Brochures and registration for Come to Me Alaska on September 6-8 and Come to Me Upper Midwest September 28-30 will be online soon. Click here for more information. Check out the updated USA State Pages and find out the immediate prayer needs of your state. As God opens more doors for Moms in Prayer around the world, we want to be intentional about praying specifically for the growth of groups in each country. Visit International Prayer Requests to see what God is doing around the world and how you can partner with us through prayer. Moms in Prayer is blossoming throughout India! Read the full story here. Prepare now for Bless Our Schools Sunday, a time for churches around the world to lift our voices to the Lord as a resounding chorus crying out on behalf of the students, schools and staff on September 16.
Are you one of the 5,000 people receiving the Scripture Prayers Monday through Friday? If not, click here to register.
   Our hearts are filled with gratitude for all the opportunities God is giving Moms in Prayer International. Would you like to partner with us on these Special Projects? Below is a brief list.    Prison Ministries: Moms in Prayer volunteers lead groups in jails and prisons in more than 32 states. We need about $120 / month to provide Booklets for the participants.    Translations: Nineteen translations of our key Booklet are in process, and 12 still need at least $1,200 to help with the initial printing.    Technology: We have an urgent need for $5,000 to update our equipment back-up process.    For more information, click here.
Mars 2012

Groups Support the Vision
of Prayer Around the World

“Week after week we see God working in the lives of our
children,” wrote a Moms in Prayer leader in a note
accompanying her group’s $50 donation. “We pray that our
small collection can be used to further His work in the
   Regularly we see how God multiplies the loaves and fishes of
group donations to help the Moms in Prayer staff mobilize
and equip moms throughout the USA and around the world to
passionately pray that God will transform the lives of their
children and others on the school campuses. Oh how God is
working!We received more than $10,000 from groups giving to “RICE”
(Relentless Intercession for Children Everywhere) since it
was introduced last March. That’s about the cost of funding
our seven new Booklet translations.One leader shared how she suggested her members
donate the
coins they find on the ground and was surprised to see
“bills of varying denominations” being donated. “Our moms
are very generous, and it is a pleasure to send the
collections to our ministry which has proved, and continues
to prove, that it is fiscally responsible.”
   THANK YOU for the many groups who regularly
give to Moms in Prayer International so more moms will know
the life-changing impact of praying for children and

Click here
for more
information about monthly group giving.

Four Steps Video has been updated with our new name!




   Have you been
receiving our daily Scripture Prayers?
Here’s a sample from
the first Monday, when we send a prayer for YOU! (Insert
your name in the line below.)

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of
witnesses to the life of faith, help me, ____, strip off
every weight that slows me down, especially the sin that so
easily trips me up. And let me run with endurance the race
God has set before me.
From Hebrews 12:1 (New Living


Here’s an excerpt from our March blog by our new Connecticut
State Coordinator Pat Kenney.
   Initially I thought that praying for my daughters was a great
way to ask God to mold them into the women I wanted them to
become. I quickly learned that He was asking me to “give
them to Him” … not just in certain circumstances, but in ALL
circumstances. For a new Christian this was incredibly
freeing, and as I prayed with my Moms in Prayer partners, I
continued to grow into a relationship with our God who is
true and faithful to His promises (Jeremiah 29:11). Not only
could I see God working, but I also sensed His incredible
peace and grace in my daily life as I “let go.”

   Plan now for

Bless Our Schools
September 16, 2012!

We had more than 700 churches participate last year. Will
your church be one of them this year? Please pray about asking your
pastor to set aside September 16 for Bless Our Schools, a
day to join with other churches around the globe to pray for
students, schools and school staff.

February 2012 

Register to Receive Scripture Prayer Emails

with us as we thank God for our new name—and our first e-News as
Moms in Prayer International! We have been greatly blessed and
encouraged to receive all your sweet responses to the new name!
One mom wrote, “What a great change! I have beenpraying in Moms In Touch groups for over 20 years now, and it will be so much easier to invite moms to Moms in Prayer—they will know right away what we are all about. Thanks!”
part of your
quiet time or as a way to pray throughout the day for your children,
their friends and their school. Each day of the week, the Scripture
Prayer will have a different focus.
• Monday: for you• Tuesday: for your child(ren)• Wednesday: for your child(ren)’s friends• Thursday: for your teachers or staff• Friday: for your child’s schoolThe eblasts will launch around February 20. If you would like to
register to receive these Scripture Prayers,

click here
to fill out
the form. And … share this with your friends!

Daily Scripture

     While nothing can replace the powerful
hour of prayer as we pray together in our groups for children and
schools, we are feeling the Holy Spirit’s leading to encourage daily
prayer through Scripture Prayer eblasts Monday through Friday.
You may use these simple Scripture Prayers as



All our materials are timeless!
Please continue to use the


, as the ministry has not changed—only
our name has. And, for a short time, you can take advantage
of this special sale. Our Booklet, the key ministry
resource important for every Moms in Prayer Leader and
Member to have, is now on sale for only $5! Our

Leader’s Guide
retails for $22. You may purchase
this helpful resource for $18.99 for a short time. To see
our “nostalgia packs,”

click here
. For our
Shop site,
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Have you heard
the news?
On January 2, Moms In Touch International
became Moms in Prayer International! Want to know more?
Check out our

name-change FAQs
• Don’t miss a thing! Be sure to add


to your email contact list to continue receiving our eblasts.• View our short

YouTube video
about our
name change, and share with your friends!• Help get the word out about Moms in Prayer with our

, name-change

Press Release

other helpful tools
.• Check out our new

Moms in Prayer Facebook

page and give us a “like.”• We’re now tweeting our way into Twitter.

Come follow us!
• God mightily used the

Come to Me
last year to bring healing and refreshment to hundreds of
women. We have two retreats lined up for 2012 so far. 

all love the new name!!! Many thanks for all the work you do
for the LORD behind the scenes,” one mom shared. “We are
blessed because of your faithfulness.”
Much work does happen behind the scenes, not just for the
name change, but to equip, encourage and mobilize women to
pray in every state in the USA and in more than 130
countries.Would you like to help our donor-supported ministry call
more moms to join groups and witness God’s power in the
lives of their children and schools? Oh what God will do
with an army of moms in prayer!

Thank you for your donation


Prayer Warriors
Needed to Share Moms in Prayer in Other Countries

Women in Sudan, Colombia, Indonesia, Bolivia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe
are eager for Moms in Prayer women to come and share the Four Steps
of Prayer with them. “God has already prepared their hearts for us
to come,” said Marian Drops, who coordinates the trips with e3
Is God nudging you? You only need to take the step of
faith, and God will be faithful to equip you. We have seen Him do
this year after year with these special mission trips. Each one
willing to go will be given instructions on every aspect, from
raising funds to training the women to interacting cross-culturally.


Nyhetsbrev Desember 2011

Nyhetsbrev november 2011


Streams of
Blessings and Prayer in Mongolia
By Barb Hawn, Country Helper
for MITI Mongolia

When I
went on my first mission trip to Asia in 1996, little did I realize that God was
going to send me and my family on many mission trips to Mongolia. We have felt
very privileged to serve God in this country known as “the land at the ends of
the earth.”

During recent visits to Mongolia, I began teaching the women about prayer and
observed their eagerness to learn more. However, they were not accustomed to
meeting together specifically for prayer and encouragement. I knew then that I
wanted to share Moms In Touch with them.

I traveled to Mongolia again, this time with two other incredible MITI moms,
to introduce, train and encourage the women with Moms In Touch prayer. Several
months prior to this, I coordinated the translation of the MITI Booklet
into Mongolian, a difficult but worthwhile feat as each lady who attended our
MITI conferences would end up receiving the Booklet in her own language.

The first MITI conference in Mongolia was held in the capital city of
Ulaanbaatar (UB). Pastor Ulzii and his small house church helped us coordinate
this one-day event at a large church in UB. At first only a few women trickled
in, but within an hour 120 women had arrived! We were overwhelmed at the end of
the conference when 30 women expressed their desire to lead a MITI group. A few
weeks later, the pastor and his wife said groups already had begun meeting and
many women were contacting them for MITI Booklets.

Conference in Ulaanbaatar,

Following are just a few of the
many testimonies from the Ulaanbaatar MITI Conference:


“Before this, I didn’t know how to pray. This conference taught me how to
pray specifically and in one accord with God’s words.”

“It’s not an accident that you came. God answered my prayer by bringing you
as an encouragement to me and other Mongolian moms.”

“I learned that it’s important to pray with other women about our children’s
struggles. I believe that God will be praised highly when thousands of Mongolian
women are praying in one accord for the children and grandchildren of Mongolia’s
future. They will be thanking God, and He will hear them, and there will be

“I know that by my own power I can do nothing in my children’s lives, but
with the power of God in prayer, He can do amazing things in their lives.”

The next conference was held for two days in the countryside town of Zuunmod.
God answered prayers by uniting local churches to help us along with World
Vision. It was exciting to see 75 women come from all over the province, some
traveling a full day just to attend! We knew God had gone before us preparing
hearts, as 22 women expressed their desire to lead Moms In Touch groups and
several shared their testimonies:

“I learned how to prioritize my time for prayer and how to confess before I
ask God for what I need. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to attend
this conference.”

“When mothers pray together, God’s love is poured out on us. Thank you for
teaching us about the importance of prayer.”

“I felt like God was saying, ‘Please trust Me. Come to Me and trust Me.'”

“I understood that when we pray together using God’s Word for our children,
it is very powerful and brings about changes.”

Please pray for the 52 women who stepped forward to lead Moms In Touch
groups, that they will continue to have excitement about praying for their
children and schools, that God will protect them, and that nothing will hinder
these groups. Also, as I encourage these new leaders from the U.S. through
translators, ask that God will give me wisdom and good communication with

Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new
thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the
wilderness and streams in the wasteland.
  Isaiah 43:18-19


Nyhetsbrev oktober 2011

Bless Our Schools

A pastor in Ghana
prays blessing over educators and

Wow! What God did the weekend of September 18! We prayed that God would call
churches around the world to pray for students, schools and educators, and HE
Countries like Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada,
Chile, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Greece, Ivory
Coast, Kenya, Moldova, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland,
Suriname, Thailand, Uganda, United States and Venezuela had churches praying.

Did YOUR church participate? If so, please let us know by filling out a
. We also have a Pastor Thank You Letter that you can adapt and

   A mom from Uganda emailed saying,
“Dear moms, it was like a dream when we had Bless Our Schools. Many moms came, and I introduced MITI to them. From there some of us went to the far village around 300 km away and again we prayed for the children, schools and moms as well.”
A mom from the USA shared, “Bless Our Schools Sunday was such a blessing and encouragement to our teachers, and also our MITI moms, to be prayed for and ministered to in this way.”
“Our MITI group participated in most of the church service and led four prayers as we do in our weekly meeting—in one
accord,” wrote another mom. “Many came up to us afterwards and commented on how blessed they felt and how much they loved the way we prayed. It was truly a blessing.”
What a delight to hear how many moms are interested in praying
for children and schools not just one day a year—but throughout the school year!
In August and September, we have had 746 moms sign up to start leading a group
and 3,190 filled out a “request for information” on our Group Locator.
All glory to God!

The first Come to
retreat last month in New York was a powerful experience you
don’t want to miss. The next Come to Me retreat is October 28-30 in
Branson, Missouri. Register now!

     The King showed up! He graced our first Come to Me
retreat with His Loving Presence, reinvigorating 237 women as we surrendered to
King Jesus our weariness and heavy burdens, and united in glorious worship of
our Precious Savior.
“We left burdens behind and took along a large
dose of encouragement and inspiration,” one woman shared. Another said on Facebook, “You do not want to miss out when a Come
to Me
retreat comes to your area!”
Experience the powerful prayer
times, inspirational teaching, sweet times alone with God and much laughter with
new friends at a Come to Me retreat.
Join us for Come to Me Heart of America October 28-30 near
Branson, MO. But hurry! Registration closes October 17.
Come to Me Alaska is being planned for September
6-8, 2012.

     Are you leading a Moms In Touch
group? Please update your information so our Group Locator can be as accurate as
possible. Don’t forget to list in the Comments section any additional schools
for which your group regularly prays.
Leaders, please encourage all
your members to register online. Or email your members this link: www.MomsInTouch.

Update Your Group Info
New Leader Registration

• Your group can help financially support the ministry of Moms In Touch
International as we seek to equip moms in 130-plus countries to pray in MITI
groups and watch their children, schools and communities be transformed by the
power of God.
• Thinking of starting a Moms In Touch group? It’s EASY! Find out how.
• Check out our Get the Word Out section for tips on inviting moms to
pray with you.
Read the sweet story of a mom who continues to pray in
a MITI group for her college daughter.
• We just updated our Four Steps of
Prayer video to help clarify praying scripturally and specifically for children.
it out
and share with a friend!
• Need inspiration to keep
praying? Watch our Thanks, Mom, for Praying for Me video.
• At the
beginning of the school year, it might be helpful to review our MITI

Is God
Calling YOU to Share MITI in Another Country?

Moms in Kenya learn about MITI.

     Have you shared Moms In Touch with a friend? Now
imagine sharing this powerful message of prayer with women in other nations.

MITI works alongside e3 Partners to start groups in multiple countries
around the world.
Come be a part of these outreach trips through
praying, giving or going. You can help fulfill the vision of every school in the
world being covered in prayer! Join us as we ask God’s guidance as we set our
2012 mission trips. If you’re praying about going on a 2012 trip, please email
Thank you to all
who prayed and gave financially toward the 2011 MITI-e3 trips to Kenya, Colombia
and Ukraine. You helped change lives for all eternity!
   Read more.

Nyhetsbrev august 2011

Steps of Prayer


     Our new online video
demonstrates the Moms In Touch Four
Steps of Prayer
—condensed into about 10 minutes. Share the video at
informationals, with new group members and send the link to friends curious
about your group.

Back to School
Moms In Touch

Back-to-school means back to Moms In Touch!
We have lots of resources
online to help your group kick off the year. Check out our Prayer
, Fall
Flyers and Invitations
, and a beautiful
(highlighting Bless
Our Schools

) that you can distribute at church or among your friends.
encourage your heart, don’t miss this month’s MITI
testimony of a mom who says praying in a MITI group changed her
Is God calling you to START
a group
this year? Ask the Lord to give you His courage as you invite other
moms. It’s easy! The Moms
In Touch International Booklet
walks you through how to start and lead a
group. Then all you need is one other Christian woman to pray with you!
Our Leader’s
Guide & Personal Prayer Time
can also help give you confidence as a
Moms In Touch leader.
As your group begins this fall, consider sharing
with your members to help support the ministry of Moms In Touch International to
enable us to encourage moms in more than 130 countries to pray for children and

     •  Will YOUR church
be  participating in Bless
Our Schools Sunday
on September 18? Check out our new Bless
Our Schools Bookmark
to share with your congregation.
volunteers lead prayer groups within prisons. A new letter from Valerie Eaton,
our prison
coordinator, shares the impact on these precious moms.

See how God is growing MITI throughout Europe.

•  An Igniting
a Passion to Pray
is now available to encourage moms to join you
in this six- or seven-week biblical and practical study
on prayer
For flyer instructions, click
•  Need help getting the word out about your Moms In Touch
group? Click
for helpful tips and online resources.

Leaders, in preparation for the August 17 Focus on the
Family broadcast, we would love to have our Group
be as accurate as possible. Please click
to update your group information. If you pray for more than one school
on a regular basis, please list each school in the Comments section of the

     We are
very excited
program Focus
on the Family
will feature Moms In Touch International on August 17, with
Fern Nichols, our Founder and President.
Please pray with us that God
will use this broadcast to call many more moms to pray for children and
You can help by encouraging your friends and church
congregation to tune in to hear Fern’s life-changing message and testimonies
from a couple of the 20 Colorado moms who joined Fern in the studio. Check your
local listings for air times in your area.
Focus on the Family also will
have a Facebook Chat with Fern from 9-10 a.m. Pacific Time on August 18. Please
share this with your friends and join the online chat at facebook.com/focusonthefamily
under the Discussion tab.

Sign up
now for these special retreats of rest and restoration
Then Jesus
said, Come to Me all of you who are weary and carry
burdens, and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28 (NLT)

     Step away from
the ordinary for a time of rest, encouragement and refreshment at our Come to Me retreats.
Don’t miss
this chance to hear MITI President and Founder Fern Nichols encourage us to heed
God’s sweet invitation to run to Him, to bring our loving Father every hurt,
discouragement, frustration and need. These powerful talks will be interspersed
with special times of prayer, worship, fellowship and rest.
registration is now open for both the Come to Me Northeast Regional Retreat, September
22-24, 2011, at Camp-of-the-Woods in Speculator, New York, and the Come to Me Heart of
America Retreat
, October 28-30, 2011, in Branson,
Please invite your friends and the women of your church to
join us. Visit the Come to Me section of our website for flyers,
brochures and a special video invitation from Fern.

Hurry! Space is


Nyhetsbrev juli 2011

Here it is! The Revised
A Passion to Pray
Bible Study
Want to experience a
more intimate relationship with God?
Moms In Touch International’s Bible
Igniting a Passion to Pray is filled with biblical
and practical ways to become closer to God through a deeper prayer life. The
prayer curriculum, designed as a six- or seven-week study, looks at the biblical
basis for each of the Four Steps of Prayer—Praise, silent Confession,
Thanksgiving and Intercession—and provides an opportunity to experience each one
during the class time as well as in one’s own quiet time.
The new, fully
revised study aligns both the teacher and student texts. With clear examples and
directions, a separate teaching DVD is no longer needed to augment this study.
For those that do want a DVD to help with the teaching points, we suggest
sharing segments from the
Arise! Cry Out! DVD, which follows the Four Steps
of Prayer.
The new
Teacher Manual now coincides, page for
page, with the new
Student Workbook, and a teacher no longer needs
to purchase a student book to lead the class. Igniting a Passion to Pray will be
available soon, and pre-ordering is available.
Also available soon will
be a specially discounted Teacher Package that includes one Teacher Manual,
three Student Workbooks, a MITI Booklet, brochures, prayer cards,
bookmarks, the Arise! Cry Out! DVD and the book
When Moms Pray

• Relax, reflect and rejuvenate at our
Come to Me retreats in New York and Missouri and
draw nearer to the Lord. Register now—and invite your friends!
• Read our
Blog to hear how God answered a mom’s prayer to be
a wise mother.
• New international prayer requests are now
• Join the prayer movement on Facebook.
• Is your group meeting this summer?
Check out our summer group invitation.

Do you know a MITI mom who used to
receive our emails?
Our email program “suppresses” addresses if an email was
undeliverable in the past. Please have her email

to once
again receive emails from MITI.

Because of your donations,
we were able to supply military moms with resources to encourage them to be
praying for their children and schools.
“Thank you so much for donating
books, brochures and bookmarks to our 2011 Military Family Conference!” The
thank you note continued, “Thank you for joining us in showing love and
appreciation to our local military families.”
Plan now to have your
group start or continue participating in R.I.C.E. this fall. Click here for

Will Your Church Participate
in Bless Our Schools, September 18?

Last year, on the first
Bless Our Schools Sunday, churches around the globe
cried out to the
Lord for children and schools. Teachers were encouraged. Children were
Some schools had been in session for several weeks, others
were just getting into the swing of the new semester. Yet, for each church that
participated, there was a special bond knowing that other congregations were
pouring out prayer blessings on schools that same day.
In addition
to the United States, countries that we know participated include Uganda, China,
Greece, Rwanda, Norway, Canada, Great Britain, Cameroon, Sweden, Ireland,
England, Switzerland, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Kenya, Netherlands,
Italy and Costa Rica.
“I think we are in the beginning of something
new in the prayer life of our church,” one person wrote of Bless Our
Will YOUR church be participating this September 18? See
below for more resources.
Radio mp3

Nyhetsbrev juni 2011

During Moldova’s 20th   MITI celebration, Fern Nichols was able to pray with and encourage women from   the Ukraine, like Svetlana, pictured above, as well as women in Moldova. Click here to view a video of photos taken by Marlae Gritter while in   Moldova April 27 to May 3.
RICE Donations Help More
Moms Hear about Prayer
Oh, how we thank God for your prayers and  support as He continues to open doors in surprising ways to impassion women  around the world to cry out to the Lord on behalf of this next generation.
Because of financial gifts, including some RICE  donations, Founder and  President Fern Nichols and Executive Vice President Marlae Gritter were able to  fly to Moldova for the country’s 20th MITI celebration.
As Fern shared the message of the power  that’s in agreement prayer, the women were once again seeing the great  importance of gathering together in a group to pray. Many of the women who  attended were new to Moms In Touch International. One shared enthusiastically, “This  vision burns within my heart. I will start a Moms In Touch group!”
Many women were moved to tears as Marlae  encouraged them to never give up praying for their prodigal children.
Then, after a fruitful time in Moldova,  Fern flew immediately to Minnesota. At UNITE Twin Cities National Day of Prayer  on May 5, Fern spoke to about 2,500 college students. A UNITE eblast shared, “As Fern prayed for the students, we were  aware of the prayers of thousands of moms across the nation. ‘I love you,’ said  Fern. ‘Thousands of moms love you. We are counting on you, this next  generation, for Jesus’ sake and for the Kingdom of God!'”
Thank you for investing in this great  kingdom work!
Does everyone in your group receive MITI  emails? If not and they have registered, please suggest they check their “junk”  or “spam” folders for the emails. If they have not registered, please have them  do so at one of the links below. Member
NOTE:  To receive MITI emails, please add MITI@MomsInTouch.org to your email address book.

“Two years ago, as my daughter was preparing to graduate from high school and then to turn 18, I had the strong desire to give her something meaningful and lasting to acknowledge these two significant events in her life. …
“I decided to purchase a Bible with wide margins, and I embarked on the huge task of highlighting and dating every scripture I prayed for her over 14 years, writing the personalized prayers on the margins of the Bible. (I am soooo thankful for those weekly prayer sheets that I saved through the years!)”
Click here to read more.
Online Registration Now Open for Come to Me Heart of America Retreat!
Step away from the ordinary for a time of  rest, relaxation and rejuvenation with our Come to Me retreats. In 2011, we  offer two retreats: Northeast  Regional September 22-24 in the beautiful Camp-of-the-Woods in Speculator, New York, and  the Heart of America retreat  October 28-30 surrounded by the  serenity of the Ozarks in the fall.
Our focus for the Come to Me retreats is experiencing sweet  intimacy with Jesus. This unique retreat—open to all women—will blend fun and  fellowship with worship, prayer, encouragement and  feeding on His Word as Fern  Nichols ignites our hearts to pray passionately. This is one retreat you and your friends  won’t want to miss!
Register online for Heart of America. NEW!!!
Register  online for Northeast Regional. 
Child  Bookmarks
Teach  children to pray the Four Steps of Prayer with these bookmarks, half for girls,  half for boys. Great for summer outreach programs like VBS, Good News Club and Sunday school. $5.00
Teen  Bookmarks
Teens  need the reminder of Philippians 4:6-7. This bookmark, like the Children  Bookmarks, help teens learn the Four Steps of Prayer and remind them they can  give all their worries to God through prayer. $5.00
Brown  sweatshirt
This  beautiful and cozy brown sweatshirt, featuring the MITI logo and the  Lamentations 2:19 verse, is perfect for cool summer nights. A pink sweatshirt  with a simple logo design is also available. $26.99
Brown  t-shirt
By  popular request, we now offer a MITI T-shirt, featuring our logo on a comfy  chocolate brown short-sleeve tee. A nice way to spark a conversation about your  prayer group. $12.99

Nyhetsbrev våren 2011

One Cup of rice

In a country where every bite of food is rationed, every sack of beans and rice is precious, where eggs and milk are no longer available, dozens of moms are setting aside one cup of rice each month to further the ministry of Moms In Touch International in their community.
These women are planning an all-day MITI event to reach more moms. But how could they invite ladies for a day without offering a meal? And how could they feed over 200 women? Their love of God proved stronger than a shortage of food. Each MITI mom is saving one cup of rice per month to share with others at the event.
Since hearing of this selfless gift, we have asked: what is our “cup of rice”? What can we do to join their spirit of giving to ensure that others know the importance of praying for

MITI moms from around the world praise
God at the Arise! Cry Out! live event.
children and schools?
To join with them, we are starting an OPTIONAL group giving opportunity called RICE (Relentless Intercession for Children Everywhere) where group members can donate their own “cup of rice.” Is it simply giving up one latte a week and donating the dollars? Is it the loose change jangling in your purse?
If each of our MITI groups in the USA gave their “cups of rice,” the nonprofit ministry of Moms In Touch International would be on solid financial footing as we continue to grow and support groups in 120+ countries.
Will your group help us touch the world one mom at a time?
Print and share with your group.
Read the story behind RICE.
Print the RICE logo for your group giving cup.

On the blogg

Are you concerned about your kids? Do you live in an area without MITI groups? This month’s MITI Blog will encourage your heart. Here’s an excerpt.
“School concerns were troubling me, as my distraught second-grader hated going to class each morning. My heart was heavy, and I knew something had to change—for him and for me.
“As I explored various options during that difficult season, God allowed me to hear about Moms In Touch International, and I sensed this was His direction.
“So, in the fall of 1989, with two sons just starting third grade and kindergarten, and with trembling knees and a desperate heart, the first MITI group in our community began. …”

Read more.

Help your group stay in touch with Moms In Touch International.
Please forward this e-News to the women in your group with an encouragement to register.


Plan Now for Bless Our Schools Sunday, September 18

On September 18, churches around the globe will once again cry out in unison to the Lord for our children and schools.     Last year, pastors, teachers and MITI moms shared how the first annual Bless Our Schools Sunday encouraged students and school staff.  One mom wrote: “We were blessed to be part of Bless Our Schools Sunday. It was a wonderful and special day as all staff, teachers, students, along with any other school district employee stood to get prayed for by our church. … We set up a Moms In Touch International table after the
service, and I believe through this event, many hearts were touched and encouraged to pray for their children!” (Read more testimonies.)     If you’re interested in participating in Bless Our Schools at YOUR church, pray about asking to reserve September 18 on the church calendar. The pastor has the freedom to pray for children and schools in a way that best fits the congregation.     Visit Bless Our Schools for flyers, posters and other publicity materials.If you have pictures from 2010 Bless Our Schools Sunday, we would love to see them!
Please email your best photos to Communications@MomsInTouch.org
New MITI Mug!
Our new 17-ounce pink mug is perfect for sipping coffee or cocoa on cold mornings. Also great for collecting RICE group giving, if you choose. $6.99
Leader’s Guide
This essential tool for MITI leaders includes Scriptures to pray for children and schools, as well as instructions on starting, leading and publicizing your group. $22
When Moms Pray Together
Filled with powerful testimonies, this book shares the heart-wrenching emotions of moms as they prayed persistent prayers in their MITI groups and watched as God poured out His love and provision. $10.99
Arise! Cry Out! DVD
This two-hour DVD features teaching and encouragement from Fern Nichols and Miles McPherson. Sections can be shared at a variety of events, Bible studies and MITI groups, trainings and retreats. $15.99

Nyhetsbrev høsten 2010

Ta på Guds rustning slik at du kan kjempe mot frustrasjoner, motløshet og fristelser for deg selv og dine barn.
(Hvis du vil kjøpe Arise! Cry Out! DVD,  Med Norsk subt. Kan du bestille under materiell, der kan du lytte til Fern Nichols hvordan vi kan ta på Guds fulle rustning)
NEW Miti Retreater
for 2011-2012
Da sa Jesus, Kom til meg alle dere som strever og bærer tunge byrder, og jeg vil gi dere hvile. Matthew 11:28 (NLT)
Ta noen skritt bort fra det vanlige, bruk tid til hvile, oppmuntring og forfriskninger på våre Kom til megretreater.
Bli med oss og hør MITI president og grunnlegger Fern Nichols oppfordrer oss til å gi akt på Guds invitasjon, og bring alt som er vondt, motløshet, frustrasjon til vår kjærlige Fader. Disse viktige Foredragene vil bli ispedd spesielle tider av bønn, tilbedelse, fellesskap og hvile.
Påmelding på nettet er nå åpen for Kom til meg Nordøst Regional Retreat , 22 til 24 september 2011, på Camp-of-the-Woods i spekulant, New York.
Informasjon for Kom til meg Heart of America Retreat , 28 til 30 oktober 2011, i Branson, Missouri, vil være tilgjengelig snart.
Vi er i ferd med planlegging Kom til meg retreat i Nord-California og andre steder.
Takk for deres bønner for Nigeria’s 10th Anniversary. Miti president og grunnlegger Fern Nichols og Executive VP Marlae Gritter var privilegerte å fikk være i Nigeria forrige måned for å møte med Miti lederskap for Afrika, og de fikk dele om Miti med afrikanske kvinner og deltar i den 10. jubileumsfeiringen.
“På grunn av dine bønner, sier Fern,” har Gud gitt nye forsyninger av nåde, da vi gikk gjennom slitsomt reise og fysiske og åndelige kamper. Vi ble ført på englenes vinger, høyeste Gud gir oss  styrke når vi trenger det. ”
En nigeriansk mor skrev på Facebook, “Takk Gud for å gjøre det mulig for meg å lære mer om Miti fra Fern og Marlae under Nigerias 10th Anniversary.”
Hør Fern dele kort om Nigeria på Facebook.

Nyhetsbrev høsten 2010

Nyhetsbrev oktober
On our first annual Bless Our Schools Sunday, September 19, a wave of prayer and blessing encircled the globe as churches cried out for the students and school staff in their congregations.
Churches in countries such as China, Greece, Rwanda, Norway, Canada, Great Britain, Cameroon, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Kenya, the Netherlands, Italy, Costa Rica and the United States took time that Sunday to pray for children and schools.
On our MITI Facebook page, one mom wrote, “I have that same sense of wonder as I did with Arise! Cry Out! All these parts of the body of Christ, taking the time to pray for the next generation, all over the world, on the same day … WOW!”
Some quotes from our Bless Our Schools survey:
From Pakistan: “Moms had never prayed like that for their kids. They had a good experience. We need prayer for the future of our kids, especially in Pakistan.”
From Sweden: “I think we are in the beginning of something new in the prayer life of our church.”
From the United States: “As a grandma and retired teacher, the need and vision of Moms In Touch is remarkable to me! What a privilege to call unto the Lord on behalf of students and staff!”
Click here to read more testimonies.
Click here to read and comment on our Bless Our Schools blog post.
Did YOUR church participate in Bless Our Schools? We’d love to know. Please CLICK HERE to fill out our short survey.
On MITI’s new Arise! Cry Out! DVD, Miles McPherson, pastor, author and international speaker, shares why it’s important to pray together. Click the photo below to play.

Nyhetsbrev september

Har du klarte å engasjere din menighet til å delta I den verdensomspennende bevegelse 19. september for å be for elever, skoler og ansatte?
Moms In Touch International har hørte fra mange som er begeistret for Bønn- for skolen søndag. En menighet i Ohio, USA skrev: ”Ja, vi vil be for våre lærere og barn under vår gudstjeneste 19. september! Takk for denne bevegelsen om bønn. Vi kan ikke fortelle hvor takknemlige vi er og hvor mye dette er til velsignelse.”
Bønnebølgen rundt i verden skal begynne på lørdag i noen kirker og fortsette frem til kvelden på søndag, da noen menigheter har lagt opp til en forlenget bønnetid. En annen prest, denne gangen fra California sa:” Denne dagen gjør min jobb mye lettere, når jeg vil oppmuntre folk til å be.
Gå inn på MITIs nettside og skriv om det som deres menighet gjør søndag den 19. september:
Da Sally var ny som gruppeleder, brukte hun Gruppeleder-veiledningen (GV)når hun ledet andre og hadde en personlig bønnestund. Hun sier:” jeg brukte den hyppig og fant ut at den styrket relasjonen min til Gud. Bønneguiden i GV som er lagt opp etter Firetrinnsbønn, har påvirket min stille time og bønneliv for alltid. Jeg er begeistret for den nye guiden som kommer snart. Jeg skal gå gjennom den side etter side, selv om jeg har vært engasjert i MITI i 20 år nå.
Antall NYE grupper I Sør Korea:>
Antall grupper TOTALT I Sør Korea:
Nyhetsbrev våren 2010
Nyhetsbrevene i MITI våren 2010, har tatt opp de fire trinnen: Lovprisning, stille syndsbekjennelse, takk, forbønn.
Det første bønnetrinn: Lovprisning
Hver Mødre i Kontakt gruppe begynner med å prise Gud for den Han Er. ( Se på vår nettside under Bibelvers til lovprisning)
Leder for Moms In Touch International, Ferm Nichols forklarer hvorfor det er så viktig å prise Gud før vi legger fram for Ham alt vi har på hjerte.
Hva er det som skjer når vi priser Gud?
  • Når vi priser…
  • Lærer vi hvem vår Gud er.
  • Vi gir Han ære.
  • Vår tro blir styrket.
  • Det renser tvil fra hjertene våre.
  • Den motvirker frykt.
  • Den jager bort fiendens kraft.
Lovprisning skaper en atmosfære der Guddommelig nærvær bor. Han er tilstede i sine folks lovprisninger.
Det andre bønnetrinn: Syndsbekjennelse
På den verdensvide bønnedagen ”Arise! Cry Out!” var det Moms in Touch International leder Marlae Gritter som ledet oss gjennom dette viktige trinnet som består av å bekjenne vår synder for vår Herre og deretter ta imot Kristus tilgivelse.
Syndsbekjennelse er en troshandling om å ikke la noe som helst hindre mine bønner. Salme 66, 18 er et kraftfullt vers som formidler en viktig sannhet: ”Hadde jeg hatt urett i sinne, ville Herren ikke ha hørt meg.”
Dette er et viktig budskap. Vi ønsker at Gud skal høre våre bønner. Å verne om vår synd er å holde fast på den, å nære den, å ikke levere den over.
Kjære Gud, hjelp oss å aldri la vår stolthet, vår bitterhet, vår mangel på tillit eller vår uvillighet til å tilgi, hindre Deg fra å høre våre bønner.
Det tredje bønnetrinn: Takk
I takknemlighet til Gud for at Han øser ut sine velsignelser over oss
Dette er det tredje bønnetrinnet. ”Takk Gud under alle forhold! For dette er Guds vilje med dere i Kristus Jesus.” 1 Tess 5,18
”Vi kan ikke noe annet enn å gi Gud takk når vi blir klar over de gaver og velsignelser vi har tatt imot og de mange bønnesvar vi har opplevd,” sa Nancy Lindgren under ”Arise! Cry Out!” høsten 2009.
”Jeg har kommet til å elske bønnetrinn nummer tre hver gang vi ber i våre Mødre i Kontakt grupper. Det er det som gjør at jeg kommer tilbake uke etter uke med store forventninger, fordi jeg har sett Gud svarer på våre bønner. Han kommer til å gjøre det igjen. Det er det som gir meg inspirasjon til å fortsette.”
”Den tiden vi gir Gud vår takk tilfører Han ære.
Det er uttrykk for vår tillit til Han, særlig mens vi takker Han for bønnesvar som er underveis. Takketiden befrir meg fra mine bekymringer, frykt og angst og fyller meg med fred, glede og tro.”
Nyhetsbrev 2009
Vertinner trengs til”Arise! Cry Out!”den 14. november 2009
Vi gleder oss til å se hvordan Gud kommer til å handlegjennom vår 25 års feiring som heter ”Arise! Cry Out!” (Reis dere! Rop Ut!)På 14. november 2009 samles mødre verden rundt til en dag i ekstraordinær bønn for barn og skolene deres.Fern Nichols, Pastor Miles McPherson og musikkgruppen Crimson Bridge kommer til å inspirere oss til å stå samme for å rope ut til Gud for denne og neste generasjonen. Vi ber om at Gud vil sørge for alle lokalene som trengs både i USA og på alle kontinenter rundt omkring i verden til å gjennomføre denne bønnedagen.Om Gud kaller deg til å være vertinne i ditt lokal miljø? Hvis Han gjør det, har vi behov for å vite det. Fyll ut vertinne skjemaet, og vi vil begynne å be sammen med deg om dette.Takk til alle dere som ba sammen med oss om en mulig ”simulcast.” Gud har vært tydelig med oss om at en ”simulcast” er for dyrt og ville ikke gi mindre kirker muligheten for å være vertskap for ”Arise! Cry Out! ”DVD opptak med Fern, Miles og Crimson Bridge blir tatt opp profesjonelt den 10. Oktober 2009. DVDen blir da sendt til hvert vertskapslokale tidsnok til å bli vist på selve dagen den 14. november.Alle som har anledning til å være en del av opptaket er hjertelig velkommen til å møte opp ved Rock Church i San Diego (California) allerede den 9. oktober til en dag dedikert til å lovprise Gud. Og den 10. oktober er satt av til et rop til Gud for åndelig forvandling og vekkelse sammen med kristne mødre fra hele verden. Det blir mer informasjon om dette gjennom året på nettsiden.
Vi gleder oss til å se hvordan Gud kommer til å handle
gjennom vår 25 års feiring som heter ”Arise! Cry Out!” (Reis dere! Rop Ut!)
På 14. november 2009 samles mødre verden rundt til en dag i ekstraordinær bønn for barn og skolene deres.
Fern Nichols, Pastor Miles McPherson og musikkgruppen Crimson Bridge kommer til å inspirere oss til å stå samme for å rope ut til Gud for denne og neste generasjonen. Vi ber om at Gud vil sørge for alle lokalene som trengs både i USA og på alle kontinenter rundt omkring i verden til å gjennomføre denne bønnedagen.
Om Gud kaller deg til å være vertinne i ditt lokal miljø? Hvis Han gjør det, har vi behov for å vite det. Fyll ut vertinne skjemaet, og vi vil begynne å be sammen med deg om dette.
Takk til alle dere som ba sammen med oss om en mulig ”simulcast.” Gud har vært tydelig med oss om at en ”simulcast” er for dyrt og ville ikke gi mindre kirker muligheten for å være vertskap for ”Arise! Cry Out! ”
DVD opptak med Fern, Miles og Crimson Bridge blir tatt opp profesjonelt den 10. Oktober 2009. DVDen blir da sendt til hvert vertskapslokale tidsnok til å bli vist på selve dagen den 14. november.
Alle som har anledning til å være en del av opptaket er hjertelig velkommen til å møte opp ved Rock Church i San Diego (California) allerede den 9. oktober til en dag dedikert til å lovprise Gud. Og den 10. oktober er satt av til et rop til Gud for åndelig forvandling og vekkelse sammen med kristne mødre fra hele verden. Det blir mer informasjon om dette gjennom året på nettsiden.
Nyhetsbev mars 2009
Kjære medsøstre i Kristus
På onsdag, 11. mars, ble vi informert om et skytedrama i Winnenden, Tyskland. En 17-år mann skjøyt 10 elever og 3 lærere på en videregående skole der 3000 elever studerer. Senere tok han sitt eget liv.
Vi fikk følgende beskjed fra Martina Kersten, coordinator for Mødre i Kontakt i Tyskland:
”Takk til dere for all forbønn, vi er veldig takknemlige at noen ber for oss; vi har utrolig behov for forbønn.
Jeg kjenner byen Winnenden godt. Kollega til mannen min har 2 barn som går på den skolen. Han gikk hjem fra jobb i går da han fikk beskjed om at datteren hans var involvert. Akkurat nå, vet jeg ikke mer. Skolen har en Mødre i Kontakt gruppe som ber for skolen.
Jeg ber om forbønn for de familiene som har mistet sine kjære, be også for familien til gjerningsmannen.
Det som skjedde er ikke til å tro, men Gud har lovet at alt tjener til det gode for dem som elsker Gud. Noen mødre har ringt meg allerede og sagt at de vil bruke dette til å oppmuntre flere mødre til å be for deres barn og skoler.
Be for Mødre i Kontakt -gruppen som tilhører skolen i Winnenden og be at mange flere mødre slutter seg til bønnegrupper med villige og brennende hjerter.
Velsignelser til dere, Martina”
Søstre, bli med å be Jes. 43, 1-2 for våre venner i Tyskland:
”Herre, la mødrene som er tilknyttet Mødre i Kontakt i Tyskland ikke frykte , for DU har løst dem ut. Du har kalt dem ved navn. De er DINE. Når de går gjennom vann, ber vi om at Du må være med dem. Når de går gjennom elver, må de ikke rives bort. Når de går gjennom ild, må de ikke bli svidd eller flammene brenne dem. Det er du som er deres Herre og Frelser.”
I tider som dette, forsetter Gud å kalle fram en mektig hær av mødre som roper lidenskapelig i bønn for deres barn og skoler. Barna og skolene har desperat behov for våre forbønn.
Takk, kjære mødre, for deres lydighet til å samles for å be. Frukten av deres bønner kommer til å vare til evighet.
Sammen med dere i bønn,
Fern Nichols, Moms In Touch International President and Founder
Marlae Gritter, Moms In Touch International Executive Vice President
Feiring av Guds trofasthet
gjennom 25 år!
$25 for 25 år
Det er helt fantastisk å tenke på at det har gått hele 25 år! Vi er henrykket over hvordan Gud har brukt lidenskapet til en mor som fikk for seg at hun måtte be for barnas ungdomsskole og har utvidet det til en verdensvid tjeneste. Det er nå ca. 175.000 mødre verden rundt som realiserer visjonen til Mødre i Kontakt: Å åpne opp for Guds kraft til å virke i barn og deres skoler verden over ved å samle mødre i bønn.
Stå opp! Rop Ut!
Da sønnene hennes startet på en offentlig ungdomskole,
ba en mor til Gud om at han skulle føre henne sammen med en annen kristenmor for å kunne be sammen for deres barn og deres skole.Gud ga henne bønnesvar i oktober 1984. Snart var det flere mødre som ba i sine egne grupper for deres egne skoler. Før et år hadde gått, flyttet Gud Fern Nichols og familien til sør-California. Igjen ba hun til Gud om å føre
henne sammen med minst en mor som var villig til å be for barna og skolen deres.Fern visste lite om hvilke planer Gud hadde for henne. Nå, tjuefire år senere, har denne bønnetjenesten vokst frem til en stor organisasjon som heter Moms In
Touch International (MITI). MITI forsetter å eksplodere i vekst både rundt omkring i USA og i andre land. MITIs lille brosjyre som forklarer de “Fire trinn i bønn” er nå oversatt til 38 språk og det er bønnegrupper i 120 forskjellige land rundt omkring i verden.
Du kan lese mer om Fern Nichol på MITI`s hjemmesider. I 2009 feirer MITI 25års jubileum. Høydepunktet blir festen Arise! Cry Out! (Stå opp! Rop ut!) som finner sted i løpet av høsten 2009. Kristne mødre verden over blir utfordret til å stå sammen for å be for denne generasjon og den neste. Følg med i de neste månedene og dette året for å holde deg orientert om utfordringer og begivenheter.Gruppeledere i Mødre i Kontakt (MIK), Norge! Det er viktig at dere som gruppe står sammen i bønn for deres barn og deres skoler. Det er også viktig å stå sammen med andre grupper som også er engasjert i den samme gjerning for deres barn og skoler; både mødre som ber i Norge og mødre som
ber andre steder i verden. Vi er med i et stort verdensomspennende fellesskap. Vær stolt av deres tjeneste! Oppmuntre hverandre til å stå opp og rop ut “Ja, Jeg er en MIK mor!” Registrer dere som gruppe på www.momsinprayer.no/ og bli synlige medlemmer av fellesskapet.
En god og sterk start
Hvis det vi holder på med, i dette travle samfunnet, stjeler fra oss tiden for å be for våre barn, da er vi opptatt med alt for mye.”
– Max Lucado fra Grace for the Moment og Walking With the Savior Høsten kan være en travel tid for mødre. Karen Isenhower, leder for Region Sørvest i USA kommer her med noen tidsbesparende tips for gruppeledere for Mødre i Kontakt grupper. ”Damene i min Mødre i Kontakt gruppe gleder seg til å treffes på nytt hver høst for å be sammen,” sier Karen. ”Som gruppeleder, har jeg lært noen få enkle ting som hjelper oss å komme sterkt tilbake.” Kommunikasjon: Å lage en e-post gruppeliste er en fantastisk måte å skrive en påminnelse som kan sendes til alle sammen i gruppen samtidig. Arbeidsark: Et arbeidsark kan være til stor hjelp med å gi gruppen fokus i bønn.
Bruk gjerne et ferdig utfylt arbeidsark som du kan finne på sidene for gruppeledere.
Registrer gruppen i MIK Norge: Send e-post til miknorge@online.no med følgende informasjon om gruppen:
Navn på gruppeleder:
Antall i gruppen:
Navn på skolen:
Vekst: Be hvert medlem om å oppmuntre flere til å være med i gruppen eller starte sin egen gruppe. Ha tilgjengelig flere bønnekort som kan deles ut. Bønnekort kan bestilles via miknorge@online.no. Det er også mulig å informere flere om bønnefelleskapet deres ved å informere gjennom menighetsbladet e.l.


“Han som virker i oss med sin kraft, og kan gjøre uendelig mye mer enn alt det vi ber om og forstår. Ham være ære i menigheten og i Kristus Jesus gjennom alle slekter og i alle evigheter!” Amen. Ef.3,20-21
Susan Boland fra West Virginia, USA. Min historie med MITI begynte da jeg hørte en radiosending fra Focus on the Family for flere år siden. På det tidspunktet var jeg involvert i en gruppe ”Mødre med barn i barnehage” gjennom menigheten min. Jeg hørte på sendingen med stor interesse og lagret den i hodet mitt inntil videre. Jeg tenkte at dette hadde vært en fantastisk tjeneste å gå inn i når barna mine sluttet i barnehagen og begynte på skolen. Ti år seinere, etter at mitt tredje og siste barn begynte i 1. klasse, minnet Gud meg på MITI mens jeg prøvde å venne meg til livet uten unger hjemme mer. Gjennom flere hendelser som bare Gud kunne ha koordinert, følte jeg et sterkt ønske i mitt hjerte om å engasjere meg i en MITI gruppe (i Norge heter det MIK gruppe). På det tidspunktet var det ingen aktive grupper i mitt område. Etter en tid med bønn der jeg søkte Guds visdom, gikk jeg i gang med å starte en gruppe for skolen til barna mine. For en glede og privilegium dette har vært!
Mitt utgangspunkt var å tenke på den fordelen det ville vært for barna mine og den freden jeg selv ville få hvis jeg visste at sk,olene deres var dekket i bønn., Hans velsignelsene, med utspring i disse ukentlige bønnestundene, har overgått mine forventninger. Jeg selv har opplevd åndelig vekst av å forberede studiemateriale hver uke og med å bruke MITIs bønneplan i mitt personlige bønneliv.
Hver uke kjenner jeg ydmykhet når jeg deler med en annen mor de bekymringene som ligger på hjerte mitt og opplever at hun løfter opp mitt barn i bønn. Det er helt ubeskrivelig! Jeg har også vært utrolig velsignet med vennskap og oppmuntring som jeg har fått gjennom mitt engasjement i denne bønnetjenesten.
Som alle MITI mødre vet, er det ingen større fred å få enn å legge barna og skolene deres foran Gud. Og det er en glede å se at Han ærer og svarer på disse bønnene!
Vi ber for hver mor av et barnehagebarn. Må hun finne glede og fornøyelse i hvert daglig gjøremål som ligger foran henne. Må hun søke Din visdom. Når hun ser fram til den første dagen med en 1. klassing, må du gi henne fred i at hun kan løfte alle sine bekymringer opp til deg gjennom en MITI gruppe, og at Du er trofast til å høre og svare hver eneste bønn, om den er liten eller stor.Gud, gi henne minst en mor til som hun kan be sammen med for barna og skolen. Amen.

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